Our Products

1. Thermal Box

Thermal boxes Provides thermal insulation which adds their requirements in food industry. they are also used to keep drinks cool in places where electricity or refridgerations are not present. Because of their CFC free raw materials, they are safe and enviornment friendly products. Sizes: 35 ltrs, 55 ltr, 10 ltr, 15 ltr and round box of 28 ltr.

2. EPS Blocks

Expanded Polystyrene Blocks can be shaped, cut, or laminated for use in a variety of applications including Insulation for building construction, cold storage, and coolrooms, Refrigeration insulation, Decorative architectural profiles for buildings, Packaging etc.

3. Thermocool Sheets

Thermocool sheets are Durable and long-lasting also Lightweight for easy application. These Strong and sturdy materials are used for long-lasting applications. Since they are Weather resistant and their property of Low water absorption, Acoustic benefits etc helps in constructional uses also.

4. Fan Packings

Expanded polystyrene blocks are moulded into a varity of forms for meeting the shock proof packaging needs. The are generally used in ceiling fan packaging which helps the head easier to carry from one place to other. These are manufactured from a fire retardant raw material and are not an undue fire hazard when correctly installed.

4. Shape moulded

All kinds of mounded EPS can be provided in customized sizes, we provide shape moulded items of any shape that you require(Packing for TV, electronic devices etc.)

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